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If you’re looking for nutrient-rich, food-waste-based, 100% compost, whether screened or unscreened, which is contaminant-free* and made with no weed-seed-filled or smelly manure, no toxic biosolids/”humanure”/sewage sludge, and no anaerobic digestate (which is not the same thing as compost), then look no further!

* “Contaminant-free” does not necessarily mean that there will never be occasional instances of minor contamination in our compost (such as a random produce sticker). At Greener Bay Compost, we painstakingly screen both our feedstocks and our compost for contamination at every step of our composting processes, thus making the risk of contamination in our compost extremely low.

At Greener Bay Compost, we sell both screened and unscreened versions of our amazing soil amendment, so we can help you grow the healthiest, happiest plants and most nutritious food you’ve ever grown, no matter your budget.

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Unscreened compost 1/4″ screened compost
Our most affordable option Our highest-quality option
(Ideal for backyard gardens, hobby farms, agriculture, large plots of land, and as a nutrient-dense mulch) (Ideal for gardens, houseplants, seed-starting, lawns, athletic fields, and other applications which require a small particle size, such as compost tea production)