Soil Amendment, Made with 100% Organic, Locally-Sourced Materials (1 Cubic Foot)

Made with Organic/Natural Materials Contains No Horse or Cow Manure of Bio-Solids
Painstakingly Screened for Contaminants Made Locally in Northeastern Wisconsin
COMPOST INGREDIENTS: Fruit, vegetable, and grain waste, garden waste, weedkiller-free lawn clippings, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea leaves, plain paper/cardboard, fall leaves, clean wood shavings/chips, natural wood ash, spent potting soil, and other, similar, organic materials, certified-compostable products.

Enriches soil with countless vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including the “big three,” Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium, plus Carbon Acts as a slow-release fertilizer for plants of all kinds, thus reducing (or eliminating) the need for synthetic fertilizers Helps heavy, clay soil drain better and light, sandy soil retain moisture better Acts as a natural sponge, with regard to water retention, thus reducing the need to water plants as much or as often
Inoculates the soil with beneficial bacteria/microbes that help plants fend off harmful bacteria, pests, and disease Discourages the growth of certain weeds and encourages the growth of plants we actually want, by bringing balance to the nutrient profile of soil Balances the pH of soil it is mixed into or top-dressed with, so the soil is neither too acidic nor too alkaline Prevents soil erosion by making soil “clumpier,” while simultaneously conditioning soil, so it is softer and easier to work and for roots to grow through
Sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, thereby helping us in the “fight against climate change,” and deposits it back into the earth

To amend soil: Work 1–2 inches of compost into the top 3–5 inches of soil.
For growing vegetables: Give your vegetable garden plenty of compost in the fall. Spread several inches of compost on top of the existing bed, then till it into the soil in the springtime. Put a handful of compost in each hole when you’re planting. Once plants begin to grow quickly, you can add a half-inch layer of compost around the base of the plants. Provide “heavy feeder” plants such as tomatoes, corn, and squash with 1/2 inch of compost monthly—this will result in great produce!
For growing flowers: In the spring, loosen the top few inches of annual and perennial beds and mix in a 1-inch layer of compost. Or in the fall, apply a 1-inch layer of compost as a mulch to protect plant roots from freezing and conserve moisture.
For replenishing soil in potted plants and window boxes: Even the best potting soil gets depleted of its nutrients as plants grow. To replenish nutrients, add an inch of compost to potted plants and window boxes twice a year. Or, make your own potting soil using two parts screened compost to one part sand or perlite.

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