Made to Order, in Repurposed, Resealed Wood Shavings Bags, as Weather Permits
Soil Amendment, Made with Nutrient-Dense, Local Food Waste

* At Greener Bay Compost, we painstakingly screen both our feedstocks and our compost for contamination at every step of our composting processes, thus making the risk of contamination in our compost extremely low. That said, our unscreened compost naturally runs a higher risk of contamination than our screened compost. As such, it may occasionally contain minor contaminants, such as random produce stickers, as well as larger pieces of wood and other materials, such as stone fruit pits and bones, that have no fully broken down prior to bagging. This risk can only be avoided by purchasing screened compost from us, versus unscreened compost.

(10) Gallon bags (ideal for backyard gardens, hobby farms, agriculture, large plots of land, and as a nutrient-dense mulch): $20.00 each*, plus tax.
(* All Greener Bay Compost subscribers receive a Special Discount on any compost purchased directly from us, which you may learn more about at
Use the Request Form at the bottom of this page to purchase direct from us for best pricing and availability!

Bulk Bag Discount
Buy ten or more (10) Gallon bags, get each bag for just $17.00 each + tax.*

Made Primarily from Food Waste Contains No Manure, Bio-Solids, or Anaerobic Digestate
Painstakingly Screened for Contaminants Made in Northeastern Wisconsin
COMPOST INGREDIENTS: LOVE, fruit & vegetable scraps, grains, nuts, seeds, eggs, shells, coffee grounds, solid/soft dairy,
cooked/cured meats, bones, clean wood/leaves, BPI/TUV certified compostable products, & other, similar, organic materials.

Looking for information on compost benefits or suggested uses and application rates? CLICK HERE.

Completing or submitting the below form to Greener Bay Compost does not, in and of itself, entitle you to compost, as compost is always subject to availability.
Please note that we will NOT be collecting any payment from you at this time, but will instead invoice you via email for the compost you request, upon our determination that we have it in stock.
If we invoice you for your requested compost and our invoice is not paid within 72 hours of us sending it to you, please note that the invoice will be cancelled, as will your compost request.
PLEASE NOTE: We currently only sell unscreened compost in repurposed, resealed wood shavings bags. We do not sell by the truck load.
We can delivery your requested compost directly to your home for a Personal Delivery Fee of $5.00 + tax (5.5%), assuming your home is in service area (an area which includes Green Bay, De Pere, Allouez, Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, Hobart, Howard, Lawrence, Ledgeview, Rockland, and Suamico).
To avoid a delivery fee, you must either 1) agree to meet us at the Green Bay Plaza parking lot (corner of Military Ave and W Mason St) in west Green Bay, on a date and at a time agreed upon by us both, to pick up your compost, or 2) be a current subscriber to one of our Compost Pickup plans and agree to receive your compost on one of your scheduled Bucket Swap/Compost Pickup days.
We do not currently deliver outside of the Green Bay metropolitan area, nor do we ship our compost. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Compost requests are handled in the order in which they are received, and no preference or priority is given to any would-be buyer based on their Compost Pickup Service subscriber status. Having said that, subscribers to said Services should be aware that, per our Rewards Programs, they are eligible for a special discount any compost they wish to purchase from us (but not on our Personal Delivery charges), regardless of quantity purchased.
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