Important to note: For anyone to benefit from any Rewards Programs we may offer, they must be an active subscriber to one of our Compost Pickup Service plans, with no payments for such plans past due/in arrears.

Compost Discount Program

All Residential subscribers, as well as Commercial subscribers (and their leadership teams and employees), receive a special discount on any of our compost they purchase directly from us, via requests made through

Please note: This discount is applied automatically when we invoice our subscribers for compost.

Referral Rewards Program

All Residential Service subscribers have the opportunity to earn Gallon bags of our 1/4″ screened, premium compost, based on how many new subscribers they refer to us.

This Program works as follows:

  • An existing Residential Service subscriber of ours is listed in the “Referred By” blank when a new subscriber is signing up with us.
  • We give our existing subscriber credit for referring the new subscriber.
  • We contact our existing subscriber to notify them that they have earned a Gallon bag of our our 1/4″ screened, premium compost as a reward for their referral and to make arrangements for the delivery of this compost.
  • We deliver this compost to our existing subscriber, on a date that works well for us and them (potentially on a regularly scheduled Bucket Swap/Compost Pickup day).
  • This compost is the same product we sell at, which all subscribers are eligible for a special discount on (see Compost Discount Program above for details), and which is always subject to availability.

Annual Compost Giveback Program

Each Spring, all Residential Compost Pickup Service subscribers are eligible to claim five free gallons of our nutrient-rich, unscreened compost or one free gallon of our 1/4″ screened, contaminant-free compost.

This Program works as follows:

  • On or about March 20th (the first day of Spring) each year, or just prior to it, we contact all of our Residential subscribers via email to advise that our Annual Compost Giveback period has begun.
  • Our Residential subscribers will then have the next 30 days to claim their free compost, by responding to our email or contacting us using any of the contact methods available at
  • Assuming a Residential subscribers claims their compost within the above-mentioned 30-day window, we will deliver said compost to them as soon as possible, preferably on said subscribers next scheduled Bucket Swap/Compost Pickup day, free of charge.
  • The compost on offer is the same product we sell through, which all subscribers are eligible for a special discount on, and which is always subject to availability.

If you are interested in purchasing compost from us, please complete our
Compost Request Form

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our Rewards Programs, please do not hesitate to contact us using any of the contact options available at! And thank you, as always, for helping us make Green Bay a little greener every day!