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If you’re an Individual or Family looking for an Easy, Clean, Convenient, and Green way to recycle your food scraps and associated organics, meet your sustainability goals, or reduce your “carbon footprint,” then look no further!

We pick up your food scraps and associated organics from your home, once every two to four weeks, and compost them for you!
Ideal for those living in single-family households or duplexes, and some multi-unit residential buildings.
For as little as $15 to $25 per month
Open only to residents of Green Bay, Allouez, Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, De Pere, Hobart, Howard, Lawrence, Ledgeview, Rockland, and Suamico.
What you get:

Guaranteed composting of your food scraps and associated organics (which is not something that all compost pickup services can offer).

✅ Clean, Food Safe, five gallon buckets (with lids) delivered to your home, either once every other week or once every four weeks, in exchange for your full/semi-full buckets.

✅ A BPI-certified compostable liner inside each bucket, to help keep your buckets clean and make composting with us convenient.

✅ 32 ounces of sawdust, wood shavings, etc. in the bottom of each bucket, to help absorb moisture and control odor.

✅ A free, 1-cup sample bag of our 1/4″ screened, premium compost with your first bucket.

✅ An up to 50% (or more) reduction in the amount of trash your household produces each week, which may save you time, money, energy, and resources on trash disposal.

✅ Increased awareness as to how most of the food waste in your home occurs, which may cause you to change your shopping and eating habits, thereby saving you money on food/groceries.

✅ Five free gallons of our nutrient-rich, unscreened compost each Spring (beginning in 2025), if you’d like it.

✅ A special discount on any 1/4″ screened, premium compost you may purchase from us (per our Compost Discount Program).

✅ The opportunity to earn a Gallon sized bag of our 1/4″ screened, premium compost for every new subscriber you refer to us (per our Referral Rewards Program).

Please CONTACT US prior to registering for these plans, if you live in a multi-unit residential building, to ensure that your location is serviceable by us.

Every-Four-Weeks Pickup Plan ($15/Month)
(Ideal for households with two or less people, or which eat a lot of canned or frozen produce or “fast food”)
Every-Other-Week Pickup Plan ($25/Month)
(Ideal for households with four or more people, or which are vegan/vegetarian or eat a lot of fresh produce)
“Add a Bucket” option, for just $12.50 extra per month, per bucket)*
For existing Every-Other-Week subscribers for whom one bucket isn’t enough to contain the food scraps and associated organics their household produces.
(* Requires a separate subscription per each additional bucket, which can be cancelled at any time.)

Please contact us to sign up for this option.

“Special, One-Time Bucket Swap” option, for a one-time charge of just $12.50 (per bucket)! *
For existing subscribers who need an extra Bucket Swap/Compost Pickup performed for them, on-demand (with at least 24-48 hours notice to us).
(PLEASE NOTE: These swaps are always performed at a location of Greener Bay Compost’s choosing in west Green Bay.)

Please contact us to make use of this service.

It’s actually very simple!

We provide you with clean, Food Safe, five gallon buckets (with lids), with BPI-certified compostable liners inside. You remove your bucket lids, revealing wood shavings at the bottom of your buckets (to help control odor and absorb moisture.) You place any materials we consider Acceptable inside your buckets. You place your full/semi-full buckets outside for us, in an acceptable Bucket Swap location, and we swap them out for new, clean buckets every other week or every four weeks, depending upon which of our services you’ve signed up for.
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Click here to make changes to your payment information and/or or download a copy of an invoice. Please note that to cancel your services with us, you must manually contact us at