To control the in-flow of new subscribers at Greener Bay Compost and best fit them into our existing Bucket Swap/Compost Pickup routes, we require anyone interested in subscribing to our Residential Compost Pickup Services to register with us, prior to making any payment to us or initiating service with us.

Accordingly, if you are interested in subscribing to our Residential Compost Pickup Services, we kindly request that you complete and submit the below registration form, to provide us with the information necessary for us to 1) determine whether we are able to serve you and your location and 2) potentially send you an official, emailed invitation to subscribe with us.

Upon receiving your information, via the below form, and assuming we are able to serve you and your location, you may receive, potentially within just hours of submitting your information, an emailed invitation to make payment to us, to initiate service. Please check your emails “spam” folder for this invitation, if you do not see it within two weeks of registering with us.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that anyone completing and submitting the below form will receive an invitation to subscribe with us. That said, if we are, for whatever reason, unable to serve you or your location, we will do our best to let you know this, via email, as soon as possible.

Should you receive an emailed invitation from us, you will have 48 hours to sign up with us. If you do not sign up with us by the deadline indicated in your invitation, you will receive an email from us notifying your invitation has expired, but that you may re-register with us at any time thereafter.

If you have any questions regarding our registration/subscription process, you may contact us using any of the contact methods available at