Prior to 6/1/2022, we offered what was known as the Loyalty and Waste Reduction Rewards Program, which saw our subscribers earn (1) pound of finished compost for every (15) pounds of would-be organic waste they provided to us, which they were able to claim once they had been subscribers with us for at least (6) months.

Effective, 6/1/2022, this program was replaced with our Compost Discount Program, which sees our subscribers rewarded for increasingly larger discounts on compost they may purchase from us, based upon how “Clean”/contaminant-free (i.e.: lacking in Not Acceptable items/materials) the contents of their Greener Bay Compost buckets and extras bags of dry materials they provide to us are.

We also offer a Referral Rewards Program, which sees our existing subscribers earn (1) pound of finished compost for every new subscriber they refer to us who signs up for our Month-to-Month plan, or (5) pounds of finished compost for every new subscriber they refer to us who signs up for our 6-Months-Paid-in-Full plan.

This compost can be claimed by the subscriber who has earned it at any time by Contacting Us.

Our Compost Discount Program works as follows:
  • We sort through the contents of each individual Greener Bay Compost bucket and extra bag of dry materials we receive, to identify and remove from our waste stream any items/materials we may find that fall into the Not Acceptable side of our list of Acceptable and Not Acceptable Materials, and document/photograph any such items/materials found.
  • Should we find zero Not Acceptable items/material in a bucket or extra bag, we will designate the bucket as “Clean.”
  • Should we find any Not Acceptable items/materials in a bucket or extra bag (regardless of whether this is one produce sticker, for example, or ten), we will designate the bucket as “Dirty.”
  • Any subscriber who provides a “Dirty” bucket to us receives a short email from us, with the subject line “Dirty Bucket Alert,” a link the subscriber can use to dispute our determination that their bucket was “Dirty” (if they so choose), and a photo of the Not Acceptable item(s)/material(s) we found in their bucket/extra bags.
  • There will be no “educational” component to the “Dirty Bucket Alert” emails, which means we will not be using them to advise subscribers as to how to prevent future buckets from being considered “Dirty.” Our only “educational” efforts will be conducted via our website and our social media accounts, and not targeted at any particular subscriber or subscribers (unless, of course, a subscriber contacts us privately for assistance, in which case we will, of course, assist them, in private).
  • We will keep track of how many “Clean” and “Dirty” buckets each subscriber provides to us, as well as what percentage of their total buckets are “Clean,” with these statistics being kept track of publicly via the Greener Bay Compost Leaderboard.
  • Our subscribers “Clean Bucket Percentage” (or “Clean Bucket %”), as it will be known, will be used to determine the discount our subscribers receive on any compost they purchase from us in the future.
  • The percentage discount subscribers will receive will be:
    • 5%, for any subscriber with a “Clean Bucket Percentage” of less than 80%
    • 10%, for any subscriber with a “Clean Bucket Percentage” of 80-89.99%
    • 15%, for any subscriber with a “Clean Bucket Percentage” of 90-94.99%
    • 20%, for any subscriber with a “Clean Bucket Percentage” of 95-100%

PLEASE NOTE: We sell our (1) Cubic Foot bags (approximately 35-40 pounds) of compost to the general public for $39.99 per bag, plus tax (5.5%), and so the above discounts would apply to that price. Additionally, we charge a delivery fee of $5.00, plus tax (5.5%) to subscribers and non-subscribers alike (which the Compost Discount would not apply to), that is, unless the compost buyer agrees to meet us at the old Sears parking lot on Military Avenue in west Green Bay (or some other location in the middle of our service area, of our choosing) to pick up the compost, on a date and at a time agreed upon by all parties, in which case we will waive this fee.

If you are interested in purchasing compost from us, now or in the future, please complete our Compost Request Form.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: We provide a New Subscriber Grace Period to all new subscribers, which will guarantee them a “Clean” bucket designation on each of the first two buckets they provide to us, regardless of whether they’re actually “Clean.” After those first two buckets, however, such subscribers will be playing by the same rules as everyone else.

If you have any questions or concerns about either of our new Rewards Programs, please do not hesitate to contact us using any of the contact options available at! And thank you, as always, for helping us make Green Bay a little greener every day!