Please note: This service option, which carries a flat fee of $5.00, is available only for existing Curbside Compost Pickup Service subscribers and only for situations in which such subscribers would like an extra Bucket Swap/Compost Pickup performed for them on a day when they are not already scheduled to have one performed for them.

Please note that these special swaps/pickups are always performed in a public location in the middle of our service, typically the old Sears parking lot on Military Avenue in west Green Bay.

Once payment for this service is received, the subscriber should Contact Us to make arrangements with us to meet us at our agreed upon swap/pickup location, on a date and at a time that all parties agree to.

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Please do not refresh or reload your browser window/tab while your payment is processing or you may be billed multiple times. Please wait until you are taken to our Successful Payment page, which should happen automatically.