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Greener Bay Compost is Green Bay’s premier compost company, serving Northeastern Wisconsin with the Green Bay metropolitan area’s best Residential and Small Business Compost Pickup & Drop-Off Services, plus sales of our finely sifted, premium compost.

If you’re looking for an Easy, Clean, Convenient, and Green way to reach your sustainability and waste reduction goals and reduce your carbon footprint, whether you’re an individual/family or a small business, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our Compost Pickup and Drop-Off Services, which are essentially Waste Management services mixed with Recycling operations, were designed to help our environment by diverting as much would-be organic waste (such as food scraps) from landfill as possible and composting it.


Every week, we collect would-be organic waste (such as fruit and vegetable scraps, spent coffee grounds, egg shells, plain paper/cardboard items, etc.), which would normally end up in a landfill, from our subscribers (via five gallon buckets and paper bags, generally) and transport it to our compost site in the Town of Lessor, where we convert it into a nutrient-rich soil amendment known as compost, which we then reward our subscribers with, donate to local organizations (such as the Northeastern Wisconsin Master Gardeners), and sell to the general public.

The process we use to compost this waste is known as “hot composting,” which generally involves building large piles with a mix of nitrogen-heavy materials (such as food scraps, garden waste, spent coffee grounds, etc.) and carbon-rich materials (such as shredded plain paper and cardboard, fall leaves, wood shavings, etc.), which are then turned and watered, as necessary, for several months, which keeps tiny microbes inside the piles alive and thriving.

(Important to note: This process, unlike landfilling, produces no methane (a toxic greenhouse gas more than 20x more potent than carbon dioxide).

These microbes, along with fungi, insects, and various other organisms (with some assistance from us), break down the material in our piles over the course of about 12-16 weeks into what is known as “finished compost,” an amazing product that closely resembles soil, with a rich, dark brown color and a “clean, sweet smell,” which is ready to use in all gardens, flower beds, and agricultural operations (and which we do sell, by the way, at


In our first year of existence alone (from August 2021 through August 2022), we composted approximately 30,000 pounds (15 tons) of our Residential Compost Pickup Service subscribers waste. To put this number into perspective, it is equivalent to:

🔴 About 2150 pounds of methane that *could* have been produced by this waste, had it rotted in a landfill, but *wasn’t*, because we “hot composted” it instead…
🟠 …which is equivalent to about 53,738 pounds of CO2 (carbon dioxide) that, likewise, was NOT released into our atmosphere
🟡 Somewhere between 0.15 and 15 tons of carbon sequestered from the atmosphere and put back into our soil
🟢 15 combustion engine cars being taken off of our roads for two whole months
🔵 About 2309 days worth of electricity used in the average household

And the best part is, we’re just getting started!


As of the time of this writing, we have well over 100 Residential subscribers, have produced and distributed thousands of pounds of our finely sifted, premium compost, and been featured on/in the news (including on NBC26, Fox11, and Local 5 Live and in the Press Times) several times.

In the near future, and in addition to the services we already offer, we intend to offer pickup services for large amounts of one-off organic materials (such as fall leaves, cardboard, etc.), safe, secure, and sustainable document destruction services, home compost consulting and support services, and unique advertising opportunities for other small, local businesses. We would also like to expand our Residential and Small Business Compost Pickup Services into the Fox Valley (an area which includes Appleton, Combined Locks, Grand Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, Menasha, and Neenah) at some point as well, but are currently focused on growing our subscriber base and suite of services in the Green Bay metropolitan area.

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